Can Gideon Sa’ar unseat Netanyahu?

In an interview with JI, the former Likud minister pledges to restore a bipartisan approach to ties with the U.S.

Sa’ar: There’ll be no place for extremist Ben Gvir in my coalition

New Hope leader slams Netanyahu for willingness to partner with radical right-winger; also bashes rival Bennett for not ruling out partnership with PM

New Hope platform promises cannabis decriminalization within 100 days

Former Likud MK and veteran cannabis legalization advocate Sharren Haskel revealed the new "cannabis platform" for Gideon Sa'ar's New Hope Party.

Gideon Sa'ar among Bloomberg's top 8 people to watch in 2021

The New Hope Party leader was included in the list for his political advancements against former coalition partner and now-opponent, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.