New Hope for the LGBT community

Equality is a central value in New Hope’s worldview. We will work to promote equal rights for individuals for all citizens of the country. A strong and healthy society is a tolerant society in which every person feels comfortable and safe to identify with his or her sexual orientation. New Hope supports openness, acceptance and personal security.

Key actions:

1. Surrogacy

We will amend the surrogacy law that discriminates against couples from the LGBT community who want to start a family through a surrogacy.

2. Adoption

Today, the adoption law allows LGBT citizens to adopt only as individuals, a matter detrimental to their position on the waiting list for adoption. As part of our commitment to individual equality, we will ensure couples from the LGBT community can adopt equally.

3. Institutionalizing relationships

We will promote a solution that recognizes and gives equal status and civil rights to couples from the LGBT community.

4. Prohibition of conversion therapy for minors

We will promote legislation that prohibits conversion therapies. We will promote professional psychological support for those who need.

5. Assistance and support

We will invest the necessary resources and advance supportive frameworks in local authorities for members of the LGBT community who find themselves without family or financial support and are not able to live at home, as well as for young people who are not accepted in their communities.

6. Education

We will budget for the development of programs in order to strengthen the values ​​of equality, tolerance and respect for every person, in the education system, in society, and in the police. This will raise awareness among the general population of the importance of the issue.

7. Prevention of discrimination

Many members of the LGBT community suffer from discrimination, social alienation and unjustified barriers. We will work to enforce the rules to prevent discrimination in the workplace and for employment. We will invest resources in placement assistance for members of the LGBT community.

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