New Hope for Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel and the Jewish people and the largest city in the country. Jerusalem must be promoted as a leading city in Israel and in the world. In practice, with all its virtues and beauty, Jerusalem suffers from severe economic problems, a housing crisis that is worsening, and a chronic problem that too many young people do not find their place in the city and look for another alternative.

We will promote a plan that will return Jerusalem to the place it deserves, and turn Jerusalem into a thriving, attractive and powerful city that will attract the development of the entire region.

Highlights of the program:

1. 70,000 new jobs in Jerusalem

New Hope will work to create 70,000 new, diverse, quality employment opportunities in the city.  We will promote technological training tracks for underprivileged populations, and work to establish 6 million square meters of employment space in and around Jerusalem over the next decade.

2. 40,000 new housing units in Jerusalem within 10 years

New Hope will increase the supply of housing through projects of urban renewal, construction in all parts of the city, construction of long-term rental projects for young families, and addressing the issue of ghost apartments and abandoned properties.

3. Strengthening the Jerusalem Metropolitan Area

New Hope will upgrade the transportation system and establish the ‘Greater Jerusalem Local Authority’, to which the local authorities in the metropolitan area will be connected.  We will create a governmental umbrella framework in which the Mayor of Jerusalem is elected by all the residents of the metropolis, while maintaining the governmental independence of the local authority regarding the internal municipal management.

4. City of Government and International Embassies

New Hope will work to move all government ministries to Jerusalem in order to strengthen the city’s status and economy. We will continue to encourage the transfer of additional embassies to Jerusalem and advance international recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

5. Realization of sovereignty and development of East Jerusalem

East Jerusalem and its neighbourhoods suffer from long-term underdevelopment, which undermines the ability of the State of Israel to exercise its sovereignty over the territory.  We will strive to bridge the gaps and develop East Jerusalem in a variety of aspects.

6. Jerusalem as a cultural-tourist center

New Hope will work to turn Jerusalem into an international hub with the help of the development of tourism infrastructure and services, a local and international branding effort and increasing support for cultural and spiritual institutions and activities.