New Hope for our Senior Citizens

Raising income insurance subsidy for the elderly


The number of elderly poor in Israel has been increasing in recent years.


About 200,000 elderly fall beneath poverty level. A civilized society cannot permit a situation where an elderly person must decide between buying food or buying drugs. We in New Hope are committed to take care of our parents’ generation and ensure their respectful existence in old age.


We commit to raise the income insurance subsidy for the elderly to NIS 4,000 per individual and NIS 6,500 per couple and thus help the weakest and most vulnerable segment of the population.

Governmental Nursing Care Insurance for All

We will enact a law for governmental nursing care insurance for the entire population of Israel to make fitting care for our parents possible. We will thus avert financial collapse for many families who need to provide nursing solutions for their loved one. Today, the state provides only a partial solution for the basic needs of a family member who reaches the stage of invalidity. 


Support for the mentally frail is particularly onerous and entails many wearying bureaucratic barriers. As well, responsibility is split among several government ministries.


The response of Bituah Leumi is meager and embarrassing: between NIS 1,000 and 3,000 per month towards nursing care for someone in need of it. This amount does not offer any hope that the family will be able pay its monthly bills.

Today, the state provides only partial support for the basic needs of a family member who requires  nursing home care. Support for a family member without full mental faculties is particularly difficult and faces exhausting bureaucratic barriers. Additionally, the responsibilities at the government level are divided between several ministries.

The response from Social Security is meager and embarrassing, between 1,000 and 3,000 NIS per month for a senior citizen in need of a nursing home. This amount does not even provide the family with a chance to finish the month.

Reducing the Cost of Drugs for the Elderly

We will reduce the cost of drugs by 50%. We will establish a quarterly self-participation payment (co-pay) cap of NIS 250 rather than NIS 500. We will thus help the elderly who have no means and are forced to forego medications or medical treatment.

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